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Welcome to Reston Youth Association
The mission of RYA is to provide an opportunity for children of Reston and the surrounding areas to participate in an organized youth football program. We aspire to build a successful youth organization by applying standards and activities that will create an environment of athletic enthusiasm and learning with a focus on achieving high academic standards. RYA’s board strongly believes it is our responsibility to be positive role models by giving back to our youth and continually striving to build a healthy positive community.
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RYA ANNUAL Meeting Notice
RYA ANNUAL Meeting Notice December 16, 2014  South Lakes...
Information about Walker-ID
RYA Families, As we finish the school year and move into the summer,...
RYA ANNUAL Meeting Notice

RYA ANNUAL Meeting Notice

December 16, 2014  South Lakes High School  Lecture Hall  6:30 p.m.

Open to all members – Members are coaches or parents that had at least one child in an RYA program during the 2014 calendar year.

Call for Nominations for Five RYA Board of Directors Positions

Candidates have until 21 days prior to election to submit their names in writing for nomination and inclusion on the printed ballot along with returning board members who are running.

Each nominee will provide up to a 250 words to post on the RYA website to introduce themselves to the members. Nominees are encouraged to highlight their background, philosophy, strengths and what they will do to strengthen RYA.  Nominees can submit their writing to

Election to RYA Board is a two-year commitment and includes monthly meetings to run all aspects of RYA and its programs.

RYA will advertise the printed ballot and nominee statements 20 days before the election on 12/16

Write in candidates must be present at the election meeting 12/16/2014, at the time write–in nominations are called for. Write-in candidates will be given one minute to address the members prior to voting. Members must be present to accept the nomination. 

Written Ballots will be used to determine which candidates are elected to Director Positions.

by RYA posted 11/17/2014
Information about Walker-ID

RYA Families,

As we finish the school year and move into the summer, we wanted to remind parents that each player must have an active Walker ID card to play tackle football in the Fall.  All players must have a valid Walker ID card issued by the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles.  The ID cards are used to verify each player at the official Fairfax County Youth Football League weigh-in certifications that will take place in August. Receipts from the VA DMV will not be accepted.

These identification cards are no longer issued by the DMV in person. It will be mailed to your home within 7-14 business days. So the earlier you can get this done the better.

Please ensure your child’s name, address and date of birth are 100% accurate on the ID.  If you already have a Walker Permit please check the expiration date.  If it has expired you will need to renew it. The cost of the permit is $10.00.

For further details visit a DMV location or go to

If you have any questions about the tackle program please contact commissioner Jeremy Lee at



GO SEAHAWKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

by RYA posted 06/10/2014
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