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Welcome to Reston Youth Association
The mission of RYA is to provide an opportunity for children of Reston and the surrounding areas to participate in an organized youth football program. We aspire to build a successful youth organization by applying standards and activities that will create an environment of athletic enthusiasm and learning with a focus on achieving high academic standards. RYA’s board strongly believes it is our responsibility to be positive role models by giving back to our youth and continually striving to build a healthy positive community.
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Tackle information
***** PLEASE READ ***** Dear RYA Families, Welcome to 2018...
Information about Walker-ID
RYA Families, As we finish the school year and move into the summer,...
Tackle information

***** PLEASE READ *****

Dear RYA Families,

Welcome to 2018 tackle season.

Tomorrow (Monday August 6th) is first day of practice for tackle football.  All registered players for tackle program should report to Langston Hughes Middle School.  We will have a check-in table setup in the parking lot.  All players must report to the check-in table for check-in and to receive a wrist band.

All players must weigh-in tomorrow at the check-in table (NO EXCEPTION!).  It's a long process but it has to be done.  Expect some wait time.  The line may get long so please be patient as we get through this.  We will start check-in at 5:00pm.  Please get there at your earliest.  Players need to step on a scale so to help keep the line moving players should take off their shoes before approaching the table.  Players will be directed to their assigned team at the check-in table.  To avoid creating a long line we ask everyone not to stand around the check-in area so we can complete this process as quickly as possible.  We will have a 2nd table setup to answer registration questions.

(For month of August we practice Monday through Friday 6:00pm to 8:00pm)

Attire for this week's practices:

  • Monday: T-shirt, Shorts, Cleats, Mouthpiece.
  • Tuesday: Helmet, T-shirt, Shorts, Cleats, Mouthpiece.
  • Wednesday: Helmet, T-shirt, Shorts, Cleats, Mouthpiece.
  • Thursday:  Practice Jersey, Shoulder Pads, Helmet, Shorts, Cleats, Mouthpiece.
  • Friday: FULL GEAR! (Practice Jersey, Shoulder Pads, Helmet, Black Practice Pants, 7-Piece Pads, protection cup. Cleats, Mouthpiece).

Players may participate in contact drills after completing three full practices. 

No RYA teams will be participating in any type of hitting drills this week that requires player take down.  We have advised our coaches to withhold hitting drills and use the first week for conditioning and teaching heads-up football.  Tackling and live contact will begin next week.

Additional notes about tomorrow and rest of this week:

  1. As said earlier all players must report to the check-in table.  The check-in table will open at 5:00pm.  Players will be assigned to their appropriate weight class at the check-in table.  Please arrive to Langston Hughes Middle School as soon as you can.
  3. Registration is still open online at http://www.restonseahawks.org/registration   Anyone registering online after 5:00pm today(Sunday) must bring a proof of payment (copy of paid registration) to the field.  Also payments can only be made online or with cash at the check-in table.
  4. Players who have balance on their account, or have not paid their full registration fee, or have not turned in their proper paper work such as scholarship forms will not be permitted to participate in the season until necessary fees have been paid and needed paperwork have been submitted to us.
  5. The next equipment handouts for late arrivals will be announced later in the week.
  6. Players are responsible for purchasing mouthpiece, cleats, and a protection cup.
  7. Please stay out of the practice area while practice is going on.
  8. No chairs are allowed on the turf field.
  9. Absolutely no sunflower seeds, Gatorade or food are allowed on the turf.
  10. Per Fairfax County's rules, no pets allowed in the practice area (Both grass and turf).  Please don't bring pets to practices or games.
  11. Players may bring their own football to the field but we advise they write their name on the ball.  We are not responsible for any lost items. 
  12. Official football size for every weight class are as follow:
AB K2/Pee Wee
80LBS K2/Pee Wee
90LBS TDJ/Junior
100LBS TDJ/Junior
115LBS TDY/Youth
130LBS TDY/Youth
155LBS TDS, NFHS High School, Collegiate, or NFL


First weigh-in is Saturday August 11th at Falls Church High School (Weigh-in time will be determined later this week).  Players will need to have their DMV ID/Walker ID in order to attend this weigh-in.  Coaches will give out detailed instructions this week at the end of each practice.  Returning players are familiar with the process, new players and families who are not familiar with this should speak directly to their head coach about this process.  A detailed email about the weigh-in will be sent out later in the week. 

Players who register after Tuesday 08/07 will not be able to attend the first weigh-in.

For detail on how to obtain a DMV card please follow this link: http://www.dmv.state.va.us/drivers/#id/child_id.html

For any questions regarding tackle program please reach out to commissioner of tackle football Jeremy Lee at 

Don't forget to bring WATER!!

GO SEAHAWKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

by Reston Youth Association posted 08/05/2018
Information about Walker-ID

RYA Families,

As we finish the school year and move into the summer, we wanted to remind parents that each player must have an active Walker ID card to play tackle football in the Fall.  All players must have a valid Walker ID card issued by the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles.  The ID cards are used to verify each player at the official Fairfax County Youth Football League weigh-in certifications that will take place in August. Receipts from the VA DMV will not be accepted.

These identification cards are no longer issued by the DMV in person. It will be mailed to your home within 7-14 business days. So the earlier you can get this done the better.

Please ensure your child’s name, address and date of birth are 100% accurate on the ID.  If you already have a Walker Permit please check the expiration date.  If it has expired you will need to renew it. The cost of the permit is $10.00.

For further details visit a DMV location or go to http://www.dmv.state.va.us/drivers/#id/child_id.html

If you have any questions about the tackle program please contact commissioner Jeremy Lee at



GO SEAHAWKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

by RYA posted 06/10/2014
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